How in hell Inkglorious came to Zelzate

My name is Philippe Bonamie, born in 1974. At age 21, my dad introduced me into the world of tattooing. He saw potential in my drawing skills and set up a meeting with a friend of his, one of the pioneers in Ghent, Miele. Who thought me how to make my own needles and work with tattoo devices. When I had a grasp of it, I did my first tattoo “sweatin’ bullets” on my dad. And Miele gave me the opportunity to work and learn at his shop in Antwerp. After a year though, I shifted my focus to my studies Social Practice.

But a move to Italy in 2003 brought me back to tattooing. At Franks Tattoo in Catania (Sicily) I went on learning as an “all rounder” and got faster by time. My love for oriental tattooing started here and I challenged myself by making my own versions of Japanese designs.

Three years later, back in Belgium, I started working at Wildcat in Antwerp. Where I found a better balance between flash and custom work and information talks. My confidence grew and I spent more time on drawing and larger projects. As Wildcat closed its doors in 2011, I found a new workplace at Kingpin in Bruges. In this period I also established a private (legal) studio at home, where I designed and placed customized tattoos. But the more my private studio grew, the more difficult it became to combine both jobs. I set my mind on my own tattoo shop and got a lot of support from friends and family.

September 2012, I may proudly say that my very own tattoo parlor “Inkglorious” opened its doors. I invite you to check my artwork here online and I hope to welcome you at my place for your tattoo. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Tattooing… All day, everyday!